About us

Kaitotek Oy (Ltd.) is a company founded by experts in telecommunications, computer networks and software engineering. The company is based in Oulu, Finland, a city with a long and strong history in technology.

Oulu City

Our vision is to make QoS measurements and monitoring easy and intuitive. We develop products that enable testing, measuring, and monitoring of the performance of new and existing applications, services, devices, and networks. Our experience of QoS and QoE measurement solutions spans as far as to year 2005.

We also provide with consultation services considering software engineering, measurement solution customization, and performance measurement campaigns.

  • Our researcher background comprises strong experience in innovating and running projects with a variety of customers around the world
  • We have knowledge in mobile standards, computer networks, cloud systems, and network management technologies
  • We have experts for developing mobile device applications (Android, Qt), back-end (Java, Python, Perl, PHP), C/C++
  • We have also experience in graphical design


Management Group


Mr. Marko Palola, Chairman of the board, Specialist

Marko has over 20 years experience in telecommunications, networking, and software development. He has been developing network measurement tools for customer needs and participated several network testbed projects to provide live trials and proof of concepts of new technologies, the latest trial was related to 5G and licensed spectrum sharing.

marko.palola |a| kaitotek.fi


Dr. Jarmo Prokkola, CEO

Jarmo is an expert of telecommunications with over 15 years of professional working experience. Jarmo’s work has involved multiple communication layers, enabling wide system level knowledge – an essential asset regarding QoS measurement solutions. Besides engineering, Jarmo is experienced in management and leadership, and has been involved in numerous national and international tasks.

jarmo.prokkola |a| kaitotek.fi


Dr. Esa Piri, Head of Sales and Marketing

Esa has over 10 year researcher experience in telecommunications and networking, and have recently worked with 5G test networks and critical industrial communications. He has been actively involved in adopting research results to practice with many large industry companies around the world. Esa is enthusiastic about working together with customers to help them improve their business and solve various problems.

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Kaitotek Oy, 2017. Company ID: 2806651-1, VAT number: FI28066511, Oulu, Finland