With Qosium You Can

Qosium is not just a network diagnostics tool. You can use it in a dozen different ways. Possibilities are endless for anything related to QoS.

Learn to understand and visualize network performance.

Locate bottlenecks and problem areas of your network.

Discover how applications and services really perform over the network.

Test and validate network performance of new products and devices.

Map network performance on a geographical indoor or outdoor area.

Conduct long-term monitoring with automated alerts and actions.

Verify that networks are functioning well for current applications.

Learn about user satisfaction with Quality of Experience tools.

How It Works

Step 1: Install Qosium Probes

Qosium Probe is a measurement agent that taps into network traffic. Install one Probe per each network device that you want to act as an end-point.

Step 2: Start Measuring

Measure network performance on any path between any Probes.

What Makes Qosium Unique?

100% Software

Qosium is all software; No need to install additional hardware.


Qosium installs to computers, mobile devices, network devices, and servers.


Qosium lets you see network problems, and even react to them, immediately.


Qosium measures existing application traffic without causing a hassle.


Qosium measures QoS over every network technology and for all applications.

Easy to Use

Qosium has extensive documentation and learning material available.


  • Passive measurement
  • Hardware-free
  • Industry 4.0 performance
  • End-to-end measurement
  • Cross-platform
  • Real-time
  • Remote config & control
  • Simultaneous uplink & downlink
  • Extensive visualization options
  • Automatic Probe discovery
  • QoS statistics
  • Flow statistics
  • Traffic statistics
  • QoE statistics
  • Offline storage options
  • Remote result collection
  • Full traffic capture
  • Parallel multipoint setup
  • Auto/manual traffic filtering
  • Insignificant overhead
  • Video and VoIP QoE estimations
  • Multisource location support
  • Heat map visualization
  • Measurement over NAT
  • Open Probe API
  • Extensive customer support
  • 32 k parallel measurements per Probe
  • Flexible licensing
  • PROFINET performance
  • Ethernet/L2 measurement
  • One-way delay
  • Comprehensive documentation

Our Customers

Who We Are

Kaitotek Oy is a company founded by experts in communications engineering and software engineering. The company is based in Oulu, Finland, the city with a long and strong history in technology.

Our vision is to make network performance measurement easy and intuitive.

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