What Makes Qosium Unique?

Passive Measurement

QoS and QoE is always measured for real existing application traffic. Qosium is beneficial throughout the whole life-cycle of networks.


Service availability is the most important single thing for users. Availability is not just on/off. Qosium reveals the reality of how applications run.


Qosium is light-weight with cross-platform support. The same software installs from mobile devices to servers.


Measurement, results collection and visualization are real-time. Results can also be analyzed offline later on.


Qosium measures QoS over every network technology and for all applications. Flow analysis helps focus measurements to desired applications. Take a look at use scenarios.

Network Monitoring Made Simple

Setting up Qosium is quick and easy. First, install Qosium Probes on the desired network devices. These measurement agents tap into network traffic for QoS/QoE measurement without complex configuration. Only one Probe per device is needed for an unlimited number of measurements.

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Next, launch Qosium Scope. Scope is a powerful tool for setting up and managing your measurements. Scope connects to Probes, receives measurement results, and displays them for further analysis.

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Who We Are

Kaitotek Oy is a company founded by experts in communications engineering and software engineering. The company is based in Oulu, Finland, the city with a long and strong history in technology.

Our vision is to make network performance measurement easy and intuitive.

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