The next generation of network quality measurement and monitoring.

Find out how applications perform over networks, in real time. Only software is needed. Passive measurement does not stress networks, but gives a true indication of Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for existing network applications.


Network monitoring made simple

Network graph

Setting up Qosium is quick and easy. First, install Qosium Probes on network nodes. These measurement agents tap into the network traffic without complex configuration. Only one probe per each network node is needed for an unlimited number of measurements.

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Next, launch Qosium Scope. Scope is a powerful tool for setting up and managing your measurements, result collection, and analysis. Use the discovery feature for finding available Probes automatically.

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Qosium Scope


  • Cross-platform
  • Hardware-free
  • Real-time
  • Simultaneous uplink & downlink
  • Remote config & control
  • Easy startup wizard
  • Automatic Probe discovery
  • QoS statistics
  • Flow statistics
  • Traffic statistics
  • QoE statistics
  • Offline storage options
  • Remote result collection
  • Full traffic capture
  • Extensive visualization options
  • Parallel multipoint setup
  • Auto/manual traffic filtering
  • Video and VoIP QoE estimations
  • GPS/manual location input
  • Heat map visualization
  • Measurement over NAT
  • Insignificant network overhead
  • Robust Probe connection
  • 32k parallel measurements per Probe
  • Node health status
  • Open Probe API
  • Extensive customer support
  • Flexible licensing

Complete traffic analysis and flow measurement capabilities

Case example of traffic analysis and flow measurements

Single and multipoint support

Qosium can measure network traffic between any two network nodes that have Qosium Probes installed.

Flow analysis

Traffic flows are detected and shown in an informative way.


Diagnose network problems in real time with meters, charts, and numerical results.

Measurement filters

Measure everything, or only traffic (i.e. applications) of your interest.


Qosium works well in both small and large-scale networks.

Qosium with wireless communications in field

Case example of mobile link quality survey campaign

Heat maps

Measurements tied with location produce informative spatial heat maps that are rendered in real time.

Customize visualization

Choose from a number of parameters to adjust and optimize visualization for your purposes.

Generate test traffic

In addition to measuring QoS/QoE with real applications (passive measurement), Qosium Active allows injecting synthetic test traffic that imitates real applications.

Always-on or measurement campaigns

Determine wireless coverage areas in terms of QoS or use continuous measurements for improving mobility management.
Qosium Scope can produce heatmaps from selected parameters

Simplify network management

Qosium Scope can be used to save and retrieve results

Versatile solution

Light-weight Qosium enables continuous network measurement on various network devices. This gives you profound understanding of network quality.

Data storage for later analysis

Results collected can be stored permanently in Qosium Storage and used, e.g., for detailed problem and big data analyses.

Integration to existing systems

Qosium measurements can be integrated into existing network management systems to provide new KPI aspects to monitor.


Behind Qosium there is a team of dedicated and experienced telecommunication experts. Thanks to them, Qosium has earned its place as an industry standard.

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Who we are

Kaitotek Oy (Ltd.) is a company founded by experts in communications engineering and software engineering. The company is based in Oulu, Finland, the city with a long and strong history in technology.

Our vision is to make network performance measurement easy and automated.

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