Product Packages

A Qosium measurement system comprises several components selected based on the use case. There are two product packages and several license models to fulfill your needs. If no suitable model is found, please ask about a possibility of a custom model.

We deliver the software as easy installation packages through your Kaitotek account. We always help you get started in using Qosium.

Qosium General Package

Qosium GPGeneral Package
Qosium General Package contains the basic Qosium components required for measurements and monitoring.
is what you need practically always since it holds the essential components for measuring and monitoring. When you measure, the GP is typically enough as such. It might also be sufficient for monitoring if the setup is small or if you have your own results system. Qosium GP contains the following components:

  • Qosium Probe,
  • Qosium Scope,
  • Qosium Scopemon,
  • Qosium Scope Lite, and
  • QMCP libraries for integration.

The available GP license models are meant for different use. In addition, the number of allowed Probe installations varies between the models. The standard models are:

  • GPLM 1: Basic Commercial License
    • A yearly license where the number of Qosium Probe installations determines the price
    • An unlimited version is also available
    • A distribution version of GPLM 1 is also available for companies selling Qosium as a service
  • GPLM 2: Academic License
    • An affordable yearly license tailored to support academic research and educational work
    • Unlimited installations and use
  • GPLM 3: Project License
    • A model for short-term intensive use
    • Especially useful in occasional measurement campaigns
  • GPLM 4: Pay-per-use License
    • A license where you pay only for the use
    • Suitable, e.g., for sporadic troubleshooting and occasional measurements in a large network

GP licenses always include delivery and also our extensive and quick support.

Qosium Storage

Qosium Storage is licensed as a separate solution as some users do not need it at all, while for others, it is an inseparable part of their monitoring system.

We offer Qosium Storage with a single license model where the pricing is based on the number of installations. In typical usage, a single installation is enough. In addition to a yearly license fee, a delivery fee is charged once. As with the GP license models, we provide extensive support, which is included in the license.