Qosium Scope Lite

Qosium Scope Lite is a software for controlling Qosium measurements. Scope Lite is a command line tool, which is the main difference to Qosium Scope. This makes it suitable also to environments where graphical user interface is not available or is not wanted to be used due to processing constrains.

What Is Scope Lite About

As the name hints, it’s in a way a light-weight version of Qosium Scope. They both control Qosium measurements and use the same QMCP interface. However, Qosium Scope Lite comes up only with simple results views. Its main usage purpose is to carry out measurements and results analysis is then made with another tool after the measurement, for example with Qosium Scope.

The usage of Qosium Scope Lite is straightforward. Measurement parameters are given in a configuration file, and just a few simple commands initiate the measurement.

Qosium Scope Lite can also be used to automate measurements with scripts. In this case, Scope Lite will execute the given measurement autonomously, enabling an automated, complex chain of measurements. Measurement can be of course controlled manually, and available commands can be listed with help command.


Qosium Scope Lite has a simple view for ongoing measurement results. Thus, it’s suggested that results analysis is carried out by using some other tool after the measurement by saving results to a file – or even in real time by sending results directly to a third-party tool or a database. All Qosium supported measure formats are in use, namely averaged results, packet-based results, flow information, and packet capture. File format for saved results is such that it can be taken into most analysis tools directly. The format is the same than in Qosium Scope, which makes it possible to upload Scope Lite collected results in Scope.