Selected Success Stories

Read about Kaitotek's success stories and how our customers are utilizing Qosium and our services in their business.


Modern ports require high-quality communication networks for efficient, reliable, and safe operations. Kalmar, part of Cargotec, is a world’s leading provider of cargo handling solutions and uses Kaitotek’s Qosium in R&D for ensuring communications quality of their connected systems.

University of Oulu

6G Flagship of the University of Oulu, is a world-class research program focusing on future wireless communications technologies. 6G Flagship supports industry in the adoption of 5G by carrying out large pilots using its commercially compatible 5G Test Network (5GTN). 5GTN utilizes Kaitotek’s Qosium as a tool for both research and education to produce accurate information on the performance of experimental systems and developed algorithms.

Tampere University

Tampere University is a Finnish multidisciplinary university, also conducting high-quality education and research in the field of wireless communications. Their active areas in communications are much related to radio interface and signal processing. Besides the strong theoretical competence, they also carry out experimental work related to, e.g., 5G and future communications technologies. As a part of this, Kaitotek’s Qosium is an essential instrument used.

Turku University of Applied Sciences

TUAS is strongly involved in research, development, and innovation activities, in addition to providing multidisciplinary education. They, among others, design and deploy wireless network systems, conduct field tests, and verify various IT communications systems in practical use cases. TUAS uses Kaitotek’s Qosium solution for measuring network QoS accurately in real environments where Qosium is at its best.


Topcon Healthcare Solutions is a provider of innovative healthcare products. Their solutions rely on mission critical software, and Kaitotek provides them with software development services related to medical applications.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd. uses Qosium in a wide variety of research and customer projects. Especially, their need for Qosium relates to their activities on developing new 5G technology and an open 5G testbed. 5G is not only about very high data rates, but it also aims to satisfy wireless communications requirements of a very large and heterogeneous application mix. Quality of Service management is essential to make this happen.


Finnish Internet operator Netplaza uses Qosium in their network.

Arizona State University

A research laboratory in School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering at Arizona State University (ASU) (Phoenix, US), utilizes Qosium in a variety of communications and network research works.

Lammin Ikkuna

During recent years, insulation of buildings has improved substantially. However, better insulation typically results in a stronger attenuation of radio waves. Consequently, mobile network quality indoors has become an increasing problem. To respond to the problem, Lammin Ikkuna Oy has developed an innovative Signal Window product. But, what is the real benefit of the product to end-users' mobile experience? Lammin Ikkuna is studying this with the help of Kaitotek’s expertise and the Qosium solution.


Dynimlabs designs and manufactures HDR video modules and intelligent software for video analysis, and pattern and shape recognition. Kaitotek provides Dynimlabs with design & development services to assist them in reaching their high standards.

KNL Networks

KNL Networks (Kyynel) develops and manufactures revolutionary HF-radio equipment, and offers a world-wide communications service, while also continuously designing new technologies. In their product development and testing, KNL also uses Kaitotek’s Qosium.


Bitfactor is one of our software consulting customers. Kaitotek has carried out software development for BitFactor in Qt and Android Java.

European Regional Development Fund

Qosium product development for international markets and new customer sectors is supported by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

European Space Agency

Qosium's predecessor, Qosmet, is deployed in two prototypes for European Space Agency. In project UNISONO, Qosmet is used to provide precise QoS information on a satellite connection handover system for immersive telerobotic control traffic. In project QuoTe, Qosmet is integrated as part of telemedicine video system, collecting QoS information for various QoE models.

Matkus Shopping Center

Qosium was used to make a survey of wireless networks in the Matkus Shopping Center. The survey gave information about the quality of networks of three Finnish cellular operators as well as shopping center's own wireless network.

Qosium Is Everywhere

”In the end, only network QoS is what matters”

Qosium is not just for network professionals. Today, all industry fields find networks and their performance increasingly critical for safe, efficient, and reliable operation. Qosium is a solution without boundaries on application fields.

Industrial Manufacturing

Along Industry 4.0, an ever increasing number of industrial machines rely on wireless technology. Qosium helps manufacturers understand how connectivity issues affect their products.

Logistics & Maritime

Automation of transport hubs, such as harbors, adopts the power of networks. To keep operations safe and efficient, high-quality networks need to cover the whole operational areas at all times. Qosium identifies the problem points and times before other solutions.


Indoor wireless coverage is an increasing issue and new solutions to mitigate the problem emerge. With Qosium, the real advantage of new innovative construction materials can be verified in practice. Market real benefit, not just decibels.


In the healthcare sector, even short-term service interruptions and small network quality impairments can be fatal. To avoid network problems from escalating to major dangers, Qosium's accurate and real-time data steps in.

Heavy Operations

Wireless technology has enabled autonomous and remote operations in many new industry fields. Qosium lets you know the problem areas and anticipate safety stop situations caused by connectivity problems.

Car Industry

Autonomous driving is a combination of advanced sensor technology and communications. High-quality vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infastructure communications make driving safer, and Qosium makes applications trust on that the data is exchanged reliably.

Network Operators

Qosium brings a whole new aspect to regular network monitoring and management. Qosium can monitor network quality over different links at all times, or used for troubleshooting problem areas to know the problem in detail.

Aviation & Space

Aviation industry has some of the strictest performance requirements for telecommunication, and this applies to the measurement tools as well. Qosium has its roots in research. It's built with precision and reliability as priorities.

IT Services

Wireshark is a powerful tool to diagnose network traffic in detail. Qosium enables you measure quickly the problem from applications perspective and see individual traffic flows. When needed, detailed protocol level analysis can be carried out with Wireshark easily by using Qosium’s remote packet capture feature.

Research & Education

Qosium grew up in research world. Qosium is still a powerful tool in all research work across different fields. It is also a great tool for familiarizing students to networks' performance. Academic licenses are available.

Critical Public Services

In critical services, such as emergency centers, even short-term connection problems can lead to situations where human lives are prone to danger. Qosium is at its best to monitor the quality of such connected critical real-time services.

Radio & Network Devices

Qosium can be integrated into network devices hosting, for example, embedded Linux-based OS. This allows manufacturers to further extend their performance monitoring capabilities and develop new innovations on top of that. Making communications quality-driven is now possible.