QMCP 10 Has Been Released

The new version of Qosium control protocol enables even better performance and a bunch of new features.

November 15th, 2018

QMCP (QoS Measurement Control Protocol) is a protocol developed by Kaitotek for managing QoS measurements. All control traffic between Qosium components (Qosium Probe, Qosium Scope, Qosium Storage, etc.) is handled through the QMCP protocol.

The new features of QMCP of version 1.10.x.y (i.e. QMCP 10) lay largely under the hood. For example, calculation of QoS measurements is distributed more between a QMCP component controlling measurements and Qosium Probe carrying out the actual measurement. This shows up as a more balanced processing in a large-scale network. A whole new feature visible to a user is a capability to set packet-based thresholds for delay and jitter calculations. This enables parameterizing measurements according your applications’ QoS demands in more detail, giving an indication when thresholds for tolerated values set are exceeded.

QMCP API is provided also for customers to allows integrating Qosium measurements into their existing network management solutions and even developing their own measurement control software.