Measure Anywhere

Are you interested in Qosium’s capabilities, but installing software in your target environment is impossible? No problem. We now have a solution.

December 22nd, 2022

Qosium Node sticks out in the Qosium family. Instead of software, it is hardware. Software, however, plays a key role also in Node as it encloses Qosium measurement software with a permanent license. Qosium Node is a standalone measurement device, but typically it is used as a part of a broader Qosium measurement setup.

Qosium Node’s primary purpose is to create a network measurement point to a place where it is impossible to install Qosium measurement software. For instance, there is no place to install Qosium software as existing devices in the network are closed for 3rd party software. Node also enables bringing a measurement point to any part of your network for troubleshooting and testing purposes. Node is a small but powerful industry PC, making it suitable, especially for industrial environments, where conditions can be harsh and physical space limited.

Node supports as typically with Qosium: manual measurements and automatic monitoring. Node also provides extensive possibilities for using it as an active part of your network: e.g., an end device, traffic source, or a light application server. In addition, Node can be used as a laboratory tool as it comes with network emulator functionalities for creating varying impairments for connection quality.

With the illustrative web UI, you can control almost everything related to the measurements and the device configurations. The operating system is a comprehensive build of Linux, which makes it possible for you to run also your software and scripts on the device.

The device comes in two versions, both containing Qosium GP. Another version of Node also includes Qosium Storage. Several accessories are available, e.g., a GNSSGlobal Navigation Satellite System
A general term under which all the different global satellite navigation systems (e.g., GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BDS) fall.
device for positioning and accurate clock synchronization, different kind of brackets, and a handy hard case.

Read more about Qosium Node here.