Qosium Scope

Qosium Scope is a real-time network analyzer software for use with Qosium Probe. Scope makes remote activation and configuration of Qosium Probes easy and straightforward. Parameterization of measurement scenarios, execution of measurements, and results collection and visualization are essential functions of Scope. Qosium Scope is a perfect tool for discovering and troubleshooting network performance for selected applications.

Measurement results are visualized through meters, graphs and numeric values. Heat map visualization enables descriptive and clear presentation of data tied with location.

Numerical results let you find traffic flows and see information and results from each of them.

Qosium Scope with numerical results presentation


Graph presentation shows how results of your interest have developed during measurement, and how they do now. You can select parameters you want to see easily.

Meter presentation shows the real-time results in a simple and clear way. Like with the graph presentation, you can select parameters you want to monitor easily and change them on the fly.

Map visualization is a must for all location-based measurement data. When doing measurements on field, you can follow the quality from a map in real time. In case of indoor measurement, it is possible to bring a floor plan to Qosium Scope. For data collected, you can draw heat maps that enable discovering, for example, wireless network coverage areas, not just in terms of signal strength, but in terms of QoS/QoE.

Qosium Scope with graph results presentation

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