Qosium Probe

Qosium Probe is a real-time and passive QoS/QoE measurement agent. By passive, we mean that it does not generate the traffic to be measured but it measures the traffic of real applications passing by a measurement node. Qosium is purely a software-based solution without need for special hardware. Measurements can be parameterized extensively, which set almost no limits to possible measurement scenarios. A single Qosium Probe supports numerous simultaneous measurements.


Qosium Probe is a high-performance, but at the same time light-weight, measurement agent, which can be installed, basically, on any network node. QoS/QoE measurement is possible to be carried out in a single measurement point or in multiple points. Multi-point measurement lets you measure more QoS parameters between measurement nodes accurately with all protocol combinations. By installing Probe to application servers and user devices, you can dig into the details of end-to-end QoS, i.e., how the end-user applications experience the network quality.

As Qosium Probe is light-weight software, installation to IoT devices and other resource-constrained industrial systems is possible.

Qosium Probes can register themselves to a nominated central Probe. Through this functionality, network administrator is able see which network nodes have QoS measurement capability. Probes can be given a unique identification, enabling device identification even though dynamic IP address would be used by the devices. As a side benefit, the registration enables a simple network component availability test.

Currently, Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, and Android operating systems are supported. And more is coming. Please contact us for a support to any other operating systems.


The Qosium Probes can be controlled and results collected remotely with Qosium Scope.

It's also possible to integrate Probe measurements into any existing monitoring system through a well-specified API. The third-party software can have all the features of Qosium Probe in use.

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