Installation on Other Operating Systems

Qosium Probe can be installed to a large number of different operating systems. Below you can see instruction for some of them. Kaitotek will provide you with more instructions regarding these operating systems upon delivery.

1. MacOS #

Qosium Probe installer is provided as a DMG, mountable disk image, file. Installation happens over a graphical window by drag and dropping Qosium Probe to Applications directory.

2. Equipment of Axis Communications© #

Qosium Probe is provided as an official Axis software installation package. The installation is carried out by using the standard software installation mechanisms of Axis.

3. Other Linux Systems & FreeBSD #

Qosium Probe is provided as a tar.gz package, typically named as QosiumProbe_<version_details>.tar.gz, where the <version_details> part depends on version to another and may contain many identifiers.

First, extract the tar.gz package in a command line interface:

tar -zxvf QosiumProbe_<version_details>.tar.gz

Then, go into the extracted directory by typing:

cd QosiumProbe

Run the install script as root:


The Qosium Probe files can then be found from /opt/QosiumProbe/.