Installation on Windows

Qosium has an easy-to-use installer available for Windows. The installation process is very straightforward and is completed typically within a minute.

Qosium’s Windows installer contains typically the basic Qosium package including Qosium Probe, Scope, and Scope Lite. The extended package contains also Qosium Scopemon. A separate installation package for Qosium Probe can be provided as well if needed.

In some cases, the customer has their own installation routines including software packaging. Thus, if needed, Kaitotek can also deliver Qosium Probe’s pure binary files without the installation package.

Follow these steps to install Qosium:

  1. Install a packet capture library, if not already installed
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Download the installer from your downloads page
  4. Launch the installer: an installation wizard guides you through the installation process.
  • At the end of the installation, the wizard asks for permission to set up the timing related parameters. If the clock synchronization settings of the environment are already handled, you can ignore this, but if not, it is recommended to allow Qosium to perform the setup.
  • If you chose to ignore the timing settings, take a look at, still, the packet capturer timestamping parameterization, since that needs some attention.

After completing these steps, Qosium Probe has been successfully installed to your system.

Further Reading