Launching Probe in Windows

Qosium Probe is typically run as a Windows service. However, it can also be run as a normal desktop application. This section describes how to run Probe on Windows, and what options are available.

1. Introduction #

Qosium Probe can be launched either as an application or service in Windows. Using shortcuts created by Qosium installer is the most convenient choice. Nonetheless, Probe can be also launched directly from the installation folder.

Launching Probe requires administrative rights on Windows

2. Launching as Windows Service #

Qosium Probe is typically run as a Windows service. This is convenient since Probe will then always start with the operating system. Starting and stopping the service is also possible via the shortcuts:

The shortcuts are as follows:

  • Start Qosium Probe service - Install Qosium Probe as a Windows service and start it
  • Stop Qosium Probe service - Stop Qosium Probe service (if active)
  • Remove Qosium Probe service - Uninstall Qosium Probe service

The same can also be configured directly from the command prompt. To do this, start Windows Command Prompt, change directory to Qosium installation folder, and execute QosiumProbe.exe with arguments, as demonstrated below.

Install Qosium Probe as a Windows service:

QosiumProbe.exe install

Start Qosium Probe service:

QosiumProbe.exe start

Stop Qosium Probe service:

QosiumProbe.exe stop

Uninstall Qosium Probe service:

QosiumProbe.exe uninstall

3. Launching as Windows Application #

In addition to running as a service, Qosium Probe can be launched the same way as any other Windows application. If an installation package was used to install the software, access Windows start menu and use the shortcut Qosium Probe (desktop app).

If the shortcut is not available, locate the installation folder and simply execute QosiumProbe.exe.